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How to Rummy Loot Mod APK Download ?

To download this application, you can download it by clicking on the download button given below or you can also download the Rummy Loot app from its official website. You will not find this application on Play Store because Play Store does not allow games to organize contests by investing such money. You will find its other download links on Google which are not safe, so you download only from the download button given below which is absolutely safe and secure.

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 Friends, if you are looking for online casino game then you have come to the right place. In this article I am going to tell you about Rummy loot application where you can play your favorite casino games online by playing table games like Teen Patti, Rummy, Under Bahar you can earn money online.


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Here you get many opportunities to earn money online which can be your side income and can be useful for your daily expenses. You can earn up to Rs.200 per referral from its Refer and Earn program as well as sign up bonus of Rs.41. Apart from this, Rummy Loot Apk provides you with many other types of bonuses and you can use that bonus not only in playing the game but also you can transfer that bonus amount to your account.

About Rummy Loot APK

App Name Rummy Loot
Rummy Loot Agent Commission 60rs-25000rs
Rummy Loot App Download Click Here
Sign up Bonus Rs.41
Refer & Earn 100% Commission + Up to Rs.100/Refer
Minimum Withdrawal Rs.100
Telegram Channel
Youtube Channel
Coustomer service whatsapp: +919560892702
Telegram: @rummylootvip

This is a Casino online table game that you can play with your friends online where you get to see many varieties of Rummy games like Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Dragon vs Tiger and Ludo, which you can earn money by playing online.

You can download this app from the official website of, here you get a sign up bonus up to Rs 41. On this app you will find more than 10 thousand online players who are earning online cash prices by playing their favorite casino games here.

Supported Games in Rummy
Loot APK ?

On Rummy Loot Apk you get to see games of different variety by playing which you can earn money online, here you get to see famous table games like Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Dragon vs Tiger etc.This application supports more than 24 different sports games . Name of supported games in this application listed below.

1. Ludo

2. IPL

3. Fantasy Sports

4. Sports

5. Rummy

6. Crash

7. 10 Cards

8. Teen Patti

9. Variation

10. Dragon Tiger

11. Andar Bahar

12. 7 Up Down

13. Car Roulette

14. Best of Five

15. roulette

16. Black Jack

17. Zoo Roulette

18. Teen Patti 20-20

19. Poker

20. Baccarat

21. 3 Card Poker

22. Ander Bahar Go

23. Fruit Line

24. Fishing Rush

How to Claim IPL Commission Rewards?

On this app you also get IPL commission reward which you can also claim easily, for this you go to Refer and Earn button after that go to IPL section where you will get claim button click on it and collect all the commissions received from IPL. In IPL season you get extra commission which you can earn by investing money on IPL match.

How To Play Game in Rummy Loot App ?

Step-1. The online rummy game is played with two decks of 53 cards and two jokers. If two players are playing the game, the toss decides who will play the first innings.

Step-2. To play Rummy, each player is dealt 13-13 cards, these 13 cards are placed in any order, these 13 cards have to be made in pure sequence, impure sequence and set.

Step-3. The game has a sort button, on clicking which the cards themselves are arranged in an arranged order, if a sequence or set is being formed, then after clicking on the sort button, it will be arranged automatically.

Step-4. You must have at least one pure sequence for you to win the game.

Step-5. After the cards are dealt to the players, the remaining cards are placed on the table, which is called the close deck.

Step-6. While playing rummy, each player has to pick up a card placed on the closed deck to form a sequence or set and remove one card from the deck of cards and place it on the open deck.

Step-7. Keep in mind that you have to remove the same card from your deck which you do not need (ex: the sequence or set is not being formed from that card)

Step-8. When you remove the least important card from your hand, your innings ends then the next player's innings begins and that player repeats the same sequence in the same way and he also takes out the card and puts it on the open deck.

Step-9. If you think that a card drawn by a player can form your sequence or set, then you can also pick up that card from the open deck, any player can do the same.

Step-10. While playing the game, when a player first makes a pure sequence, impure sequence and set in 3 or 4 groups, then that player shows his cards by clicking on the show button and he wins the rummy game.

Invite & Earn commission in Rummy loot apk

You can also earn extra money with the help of Rummy loot Apk, its Refer and Earn program gives you an opportunity to earn more money in very less time. With its Refer and Earn program you can get commission on Every recharge and earning of your referal. From here you can earn up to Rs. 200 on each referral and also gives you a life time commission of 30%, that means if the person you have referred Rummy Loot Apk does a recharge of Rs 100 then you will get a commission of Rs. 30. If you want to share the Rummy loot app with your friends or family, then on the home page you get the Refer and Earn button, after clicking on which you will see all the commissions and you will also get the list that you have shared this app and earned as much commission from them.

Rummy Loot gives you a chance to earn unlimited money, here you get 20 rupees on every referral, apart from this, whoever you have shared this app, if he adds money to his account, then you also get a commission of 5% for that . The more users sign up to download this app from your referral link, the more money you will earn. If you want to increase your income from this app then Refer and Earn program is an excellent option for you.

Use Referral Code to get Rs. 41 Bonus Instant - 4029833

Most importantly, you can also transfer the money you earn from referral program to your bank account. By sharing your referral link on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, you can quickly invite other individuals to join the Rummy Loot app and earn money online.

Progress Bonus Program in Rummy Loot APK

Here you can earn a lot of money from Progress Bonus as well as in Weekly Bonus like if you earned 2500 rupees in one week and 1500 in second week then you get extra 1000 rupees on 2500 and additional 500 rupees bonus on 1500.

Here you get many more fantastic features, you get features like rebate, on this app you get cashback percentage from 0.01 to 0.02 depending on the match you played per day.

Is Rummy Loot App Safe?

Rummy Loot App is a trusted gaming platform established by a well-known and well-respected company Ashenfallous Technologies private limited. This company has already made many such games applications by playing it, millions of people have earned real cash, which makes this gaming platform even more reliable.

Share Bonus Program in Rummy Loot APK

If you want to earn extra money from this app then you can use referral scheme of Rummy Loot Apk. If you want to earn more and more money through its referral program, you can do so by advertising this app or even share it with your friends or relatives.  On a referral, you will get a commission of ₹100. However, as you add additional users to this app, you can earn a maximum commission of ₹200 per Users.

If you want to increase your income by using this application, then referral program can be an excellent option whose referral program can earn you up to ₹500 per day. Most importantly, you can deposit your referral proceeds into your bank account here. By sharing your referral link on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, you can quickly invite other individuals to join the Rummy Loot app.

Use Referral Code to get Rs. 41 Bonus - 4029833

VIP Program in Loot Rummy App ?

Friends, on Rummy loot app you can take VIP subscription for extra income from where you get daily bonus which boosts your earning.

So you must buy VIP membership for extra income. You get many types of benefits with VIP subscription, you get daily bonus, weekly bonus from here. For which you need to deposit ₹1,000 in your Rummy Loot account and in return, you will get a daily login bonus, followed by weekly and monthly bonuses.

Add Cash Program in Rummy Loot Mod APK

If you want to add money in Rummy loot application, then the good news for you is that you can add money with minimum ₹ 10.  

If you face any problem related to add money, then you can follow below steps in detail, and you will be able to add money in this application easily by following those steps.

Steps to Add Cash in Rummy Loot APK

Step 1. First of all go to the main page and click on buy button.

Step 2. As soon as you click on the shop button, you will see the options to add cash of different amount varieties here.

Step 3. Now you add minimum 10 rupees in the amount box and click on add cash button.

Step 4. While adding cash, you need to do KYC, which you can do by entering mobile number and email id along with other KYC information.

Step 5. Now you get multiple payment options to add cash. Click on which select UPI and click on Add Cash.

Step 6. As soon as you make a successful payment through UPI, the balance in your account is credited in no time.

Add Cash Additional Bonus

If you want to add additional cash bonus with Rummy loot Apk, then you can add any type of plutocrat above ₹ 1000, then you get redundant perks on it,

If you guys add any kind of big cash during this time. In which how many important perks you recharge, then for more information, you can also see the following information that what chance you will get for fresh perks –

* If you recharge ₹ 1000 then you get 2% Extra Bonus.

* If you recharge ₹ 3000 then you get Extra Bonus of 2.5%.

* If you recharge ₹ 5000 then you get 3% Extra Bonus.

* If you recharge ₹8000 then you get an Extra Bonus of 3.5%.

* If you recharge ₹ 10,000 then you get 4% Extra Bonus.

* If you recharge ₹30,000 then you get an Extra Bonus of 4.5%.

* If you recharge ₹ 50,000 then you get an Extra Bonus of 5%.

* If you recharge ₹ 1,00,000 then you get Extra Bonus of 5.5%.

Withdrawal Program in Rummy Loot Mod APK

With this app, you can withdraw the money you have won very easily, here you get 2 types of payment options. First you can take withdrawal from bank account and second with UPI. You can withdrawal on Rummy Loot App with a minimum of Rs.100. Its best thing is that this application is completely payment verified. And if you face any problem related to Withdrawal then you can follow the instructions given below.

Step 1. Before withdrawal, keep in mind that there should be a minimum balance of Rs 100 in your rummy wallet, only after which you can withdraw.

Step 2. For Withdrawal, first of all you go to my profile and select the option of Withdrawal, after that fill your bank information by selecting Bank Choice.

Step 3. After filling the bank details, enter the amount you want to withdraw in the amount box, then tap on the Withdrawal button, your amount is successfully withdrawn.

Step 4. And if you want to check the status of your withdrawal then by going to the section of Withdrawal and click on the record button where you can access all the records.

First Recharge Offer In Loot Rummy APK ?

Rummy loot Apk has launched Fantastic offer for its users. If you want to earn money by playing games on this app, then you have to recharge your wallet. This is that you deposit Rs 40 on your account, then you get a payback incentive of 50%, then you get a total of Rs 70 added to your account.

Rummy Loot APK Customer Care Number

You can see that this application comes with a clear interface, if you face any kind of issue like withdrawal, deposit, cashback or any other issue then you get good customer support with this app. of 24x7. You can get live customer support from this app with WhatsApp. You can get in touch with Rummy Loot with the below WhatsApp number.

 * WhatsApp Number. - +66616143048

 * WhatsApp Number - +919560892702


Friends, with this app you get customer support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and if still you face any kind of issue then you can also communicate with customer service officer with light chatting feature. Customer support is available from 9 AM to 8 PM. If you wish to get in touch with the customer service then on the home page of the app you will find the option of customer support by clicking on which you can discuss about your problem with the customer service representative.

 FAQ :

1. What is the minimum amount you can withdraw from Rummy loot app?

You can take withdrawal of minimum 100 rupees and maximum 1,00,000 rupees from Rummy loot app.

2. How much sign up bonus do you get from Rummy Loot app?

On creating an account, you get an instant sign up bonus of Rs.10.

3. How much does Rummy loot Apk charge on Withdrawal?

rummy loot apk charges 0% fee on withdrawal.

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