How To Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp

Hello friends I"m Thathacker and all of you are welcomed on our blog today's article on very unique topic today we will know how you can unblock yourself from WhatsApp.

If you people have been blocked by someone on WhatsApp because of some fight, because of some quarrel, because of some reason, then in this article thatshacker will teach you how to unblock it. Unblock this means that you can message him again, here I will teach you people how you can message him again if someone has blocked you, but I do not take responsibility for that.

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If you block him again, you can message him again, but there is a thing to block him again, nor do I take responsibility for that because he has fought with you, then he will block you again, so if he does, then he will block you again.

If he gives you a block again, he is not my tension, so without wasting time I will tell you how to unblock yourself, then your first will be a step for this.

Step 1. First of all you have to take a second phone call so that you are not blocked from that number.

Step 2. What you have to do in the second step is that you have to go to WhatsApp in that other phone and create a WhatsApp group.

Step 3. Now what you have to do is that you have to add both the number from which you have been blocked and the number which is blocked in the WhatsApp group.

Step 4. Now this group has been created, it is a group of three people, one who has blocked you and one is your number which is blocked and another number on which you have created a WhatsApp group, now what you have to do after that the second number from which the group is created. tha have to leave that number from the group.

Step 5. Now after leaving that 2nd number, if both of you are left in that group, it means that now both of these numbers will be in the group, then you can talk to each other.

So in this way you can talk to whoever has blocked your number, now that is a different thing, it is not my concern that he should leave the group again and block you again, but if you convince him there  But he does not block you again, unblocks you, then it is a good thing and if he blocks you again, then you can create a group again.

So it was so simple, I hope you have understood this method, how to unblock yourself and message, I know it was common sense, it was a very easy way, many people already knew about it  But no problem, in the future, I will post more ways that you do not know, so definitely connect with us through telegram and facebook, that's all you get for today, on the next article bye bye.

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