How To Install GINF Tool in Termux

Hello friends, I am thatshacker and welcome to all of you, in today's article on our blog, I will tell you how you can install GitHub info tool in your termux without any error,

so if you need to install this tool and  If you don't want any error while running then you stay with us till the last and apart from this you are not using new version termux app then there may be error in installation of this tool in old termux so you can use termux from our telegram Download the app with the latest version, so let's know without wasting time, first of all, about this tool, what is the tool.

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 > What is GINF ?

This tool is an information gathering tool based on github, with the help of which you can find the information of a user, as well as information from the repository, followers and whoever has followed you, you will find its installation commands below.

 > How to Install GINF

To install this tool, you have to run some commands on your termux as usual and all those commands are provided to you and the things required for the installation of this tool like good data connection, storage and new version of termux app. Along with this, you are also able to download the hacker keyboard app from playstore, you will find the necessary installation commands below, you can install it by just copy-pasting.

 > Installation commands for GINF

apt update
apt install git
apt install php
git clone
chmod +x ginf.php
php ginf.php

As soon as we run the last command, you will see that this tool has been installed successfully, here you can see that there is no error in  installation of this tool.

if you face any kind of error, then you can ask us through the comment section. I will definitely solve your error, now after this you will be on the homepage of this tool where you can see its banner, so now here you enter by typing the help command, from here you will get to know about all the commands of this tool.

Now you can use this tool on your termux, so friends, that's all for today, I hope you have understood the information given by us and if you want to know about any other tool of termux or its installation process  If you want to know about , then you can tell us in the comment section, I will post on that too and if you want to join us then you can join us through our telegram channel and facebook page.

* Note :- The information given by us is given only and only for education purpose and this tool is told only for your education, if you use it wrongly in any criminal cases then you will be responsible for it.

 Thank you !!!

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