What is Data Breach ? How to Protect yourself from hacking

What is Data Breach ? How to Protect yourself from hacking

Hello friends I'm thatshacker and once again welcome all of you on our blog today, we will know what is data breach, you must have heard this name because everyday there is data breach of some company in it big companies  Name of the company is also included like Facebook, Microsoft, Truecaller, Unacademy, Upstox and many other companies.

What is Data Breach ? How to Protect yourself from hacking

whose data breaks are happening and what happens is that your personal details are leaked online like Aadhar card, your PAN card. Name address, debit card, credit card and much more, everything you gave there with your account is leaked, so we are going to see what the data breaches are there, why they are mainly What is the purpose and what are the methods that are used to make these data breech and in the last we will see how you can protect yourself from these data breaches, till the last, let us start with this article. And friends, you like to know about cyber security and ethical hacking on this side. Please follow us.

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> What is Data Breach ?

First of all, we know what data breach is. In the world of cybercrime, data breech is an incident that can be done by any company, group or any organization, to access their servers, files, personal details and their data bases.  , Sharing and downloading its data breech is spoken, then the attackers who are in the data breaches target a company, and once the target is selected, they get variability in that company, that is, if a one-time defect is removed.  Then they hack the server of that company, remove the data base and personal details inside them and share it online, but most of the attackers are downloading and uploading the data to the dark web and keep it for sale.  So in this way the data gets breech before going ahead I have a request to share it to as many people as possible so that they are aware of it and can protect themselves and protect themselves from being hacked. I hope you  Must have known about data breach, so now we go to our next topic.

> How are the data breaches towards.

The first reason is that by giving money to an employe of any company, they are lured and asked to steal the data but it is very less because it is shown in films and it is not considered as effective anymore and this is the second region To steal the laptop, pen drive, harddrive which is the personal storage storage of the companies which contains the personal details and password of the company, the third region is that they can access the Illigali servers and attack their weak point.  And then download the data and this is the main reason, friends of data breach, now we are going to see what methods hackers use for data breach, so let's see what attacks or methods hackers server Use to hack .Comes first

01. Vulnerabilities :- This is not an attack, nor a method, but a technique that you can easily bribe inside any server, website or any admin panel, basically what you have to do is to find the week point of the target you have.  Reads and has to do an attack on it so that you can interoperate with that server. The second number comes

02. Bruteforce attack :- This is a very popular attack which is used to know the password and username. Understand that you have a username of any login in the panel and you do not know the password, then you can attack the bruteforce and find out its password, then data breach.  It is also used for and comes at number three

03. Phishing :- This is an attack in which anyone can get trapped. It is basically a trap. Understand that the logn in page of a website is converted to a fake page and by sending the page to Victim via a link.  If his password and username are hacked, then this method is also mostly used in data breech, now comes on the 4th number

04. Malware :- These are a software in which hackers have installed the code of hackers if any employer is installed in the company that the computer is installed, then it goes to full access hackers and increases the possibility of data breaches.So such methods keep doing hackers data breaches now let's go to the next topic.

> How to save yourself from hack / data breach

Now we will know how you can save yourself from hacking or by breaching data and what should you do during the data breaching: - The first thing is that there is data breaching in any company and if you have an account in that company and you have given your personal details or bank details, then you have to stop online transition from your bank.  Or you can do this by going to the site or calling in the bank. The next step is that whenever you create an account in a company, change the password or keep a strong password and also keep two step verification on your ID.  What will happen to this is that whenever someone logs in on your ID, then you have to give permission before logging in. If you give permission then only he is able to access your ID, otherwise you will not be able to do that in the third step.  You have to be aware of hacking yourself and do not download any third party app in your phone and only after checking the link sent by any company, you have to log in your ID as well as any way.  Do not share your personal details on phone calls and avoid bank fraud.

I hope I have done all the things to you well, if you find this information a little bit valuable then definitely share it with your friends.

Thank you so much...

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