How to Install Covid-19 Tracker in Your Termux

How to Install Covid-19 Tracker in Your Termux

Hey guys thatshacker is back again in this artical i show you how to install Covid-19 tracker in your termux.As you all know, how was the year spent for us, due to the terrible epidemic corona virus, many people lost their lives and many people are still victims and this epidemic has not completely stopped.

How to Install Covid-19 Tracker in Your Termux

Today, we have brought a termux tool for you, with the help of which you can track the corona virus very easily, you can also avoid getting infected from your mobile and just install this tool in your termux.  So how to install it in your termux and know a little about covid-19 tracker tool, what it is and how to install it.

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* What is Covid-19 Tracker

This tool is basically designed for those using termux in view of the growing epidemic of Corona virus, with the help of which you can find out if people around us are not infected with Corona virus and can avoid it.  There is a tool used for basic penetrations testing, but to track the corona's growing terror, this tool has been created to keep everyone safe.

* How to Install Covid-19 Tracker

This is very easy to install in your termux tool, first of all you have to download the termux app in your mobile from the play store, after which you have to simply put the command list below which you can put in your termux app or Then you can install these commands very easily by copying and peasting them into your Termux app.

How to Install Covid-19 Tracker in Your Termux

> This is the command list

pkg up -y
pkg install git -y
pkg install nodejs -y
git clone
cd covid19-tracker-cli
npm install cli.js
node cli.js

If you have any kind of problem in its installation process, then you can ask us the solution by commenting, we will try to solve your problem. 

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