How to install Metasploite in Termux || Access any android phone || By SID

    How to install Metasploite in Termux || Access any android phone || By SID

        How to install Metasploite in Termux || Access any android phone || By SID

Updated by khilesh
Dated 13 October 2020

So hey guys what's up welcome to the word of CYBER SECURITY today's article I explain about Metasploite and his installation process of Termux in your Android.
In today's article we will know all the things about Metasploit and also know the simple process of installation, then you should be on this article.
So let's started.....

* What Is Metasploite
MetaSploite is a framework project that is used for testing penetration.Its use mainly Cyber security users are used in cyber security software like Termux and Kali Linux.
This is a computer Security Project which tells us about a system's security vulnerability and it is done for the development of IDS Signature in addition to testing penetration.
The developer of this is Rapid 7 LLC and it has been written in Ruby.
It is used to exploit a system and make your control on any Android system.

* How to Access it
You have learned about Metasploite, but you will be wondering how control is made on any Android divice with the help of this, then you will get the answer here.
To access any divice, you need to generate a payload with the help of this metasploit which you can send to your Victim and control its Android divice. For this, a directory like msfvenom and msfconsole works in metasploit. Msfvenom payload  Works while making msfconsole runs metasploit in your Android device with the help of termux.

* Payload
In Metasploite you will get to see more than 500 payloads, with the help of which you can access any Android device.
All these commands allow the user to use the shell to host arbitrarily in the phone of Victim. 
In this, you will get to see a directory like meterpeter, with the help of which you can control the screen of the any user, as well as you can access its files. 
In this, you will also see a dynamic payload which will protect you from aunti virus.
Static payload host And helps you make connections between the client's systems.

* How to Install 
Now you will be thinking that how do we use it in our phone, for this you will have to use termux and you will have to put the below commands in your termux's app, you will get the list of commands below by copying it from here  You can paste in your termux app or you can apply this file in your termux by downloading the download button from the below given button or you can simply type it in your termux app.  But I will dress you to copy and paste only because there is no mistake in it.

This is the command list

$ apt-get update -y

$ apt-get upgrade -y
$ pkg install python -y 
$ pkg install python2 -y
$ pkg install git -y
$ pip install lolcat

$ git clone
$ ls
$ cd m-wiz
$ ls

$ bash

So in this way you can install it by installing it, you can install it in your TERMUX's App.

Note:- It will take you up to 30 minutes to install and when you install it, you will first be able to see virsion of differnt type of metasploit, from which you will inter-install by typing numbuer of whoever you want to install.  After that you will again see two weights of metasploit, from which you will have to select and install one according to your Android version, then this installation process will start, after that you will also get a pop sub message in the middle of this process.  Which you have to allow.

Apart from this, if you face any type of problem in the process of its installation, you can comment on it and get information about it, as well as you can follow our social media and get answers to your questions there.

So guys That's all we get for today in the next and the bang article....
Thanks for reading...

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